27 September 2023
27 September 2023

Recognizing Veyron at Local and Regional Events

Recognizing Veyron at Local and Regional Events

Veyron takes pride in its rich tapestry of awards. These awards, earned both locally and internationally, validate our unwavering commitment to creativity and excellence. Such recognitions not only mark our past achievements but also hint at the potential we hold for future endeavors.

In 2022, Veyron was honored with two coveted awards at the SMARTIES Awards during the MMA SMARTIES Event in Dubai, UAE.

This was a recognition of our outstanding campaign for the Saudi National Day in collaboration with Tawuniya Insurance, one of Saudi Arabia's top-tier insurance companies.

Bronze Award: Acknowledging Veyron's adept use of data insights, which played a pivotal role in ensuring the campaign's success.

Bronze Award: Celebrating the unwavering efforts of the Veyron team in their promotional endeavors throughout the campaign.

In 2023, Veyron Marketing clinched three significant awards at the internationally recognized MMA SMARTIES Awards in Dubai.

Silver Award - Recognized as the top geo-targeted campaign for Saudi's Postal Service, "SPL".

Bronze Award - Lauded as the standout campaign focusing on the customer journey with "SPL".

Bronze Award - Earning top marks for the best PROGRAMMATIC advertising initiative, in collaboration with the Communications, Space and Technology Commission formerly known as CITC.

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