21 January 2021
21 January 2021

Ministry of Health – Digital Doctors Initiative

Ministry of Health – Digital Doctors Initiative

In its unwavering commitment to patient care, the Ministry of Health has pioneered innovations to streamline the healthcare experience for everyone.

One of the primary challenges? Ensuring the right message reaches the masses and generates genuine engagement with the app's features.

The "Seha" app was designed to swiftly answer patient inquiries without the need for in-person visits.

The response? Absolutely overwhelming!  Engagement metrics soared with a remarkable 112% uptick in activity from our existing registered users.

But that's not all. Our metrics tell an exciting story. We've experienced a phenomenal 499% surge in search inquiries. Even more impressively, our click-through rate soared past 13%. Moreover, our efforts led to an 88% spike in app installations, which is truly remarkable.

Metrics of Success:

A staggering jump in search inquiries by  499%

The click-through rate jumped up by 340%

Increase in app downloads by  88%

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